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Facts are fiction within ocean of events. Even the participatory free will is itself a program. Whatever could get considered as facts in a program has always been a fiction of programmer.

The Foreword

Starting from abstract study of all possible changes through a circumstance that is called Mathematics, here disciples learn everything to change a circumstance that is called Engineering. They may freely do so unto building their own assembly-line of immediate future that is called Programming.

The future gets made in the factory of internet so its programmers may become ultimate masters of universe. Towards that this education prepares the programmers of providence as Sangkrit is mere a knowledge-discipline where disciples learn, earn and govern. Wherever you are, you comfortably start from cleaning your house to cook your food before to configure your code of success or you may travel worldwide while doing so. Your situation doesn't make any difference to your global status that you duly earn by following Sangkrit.

Your startup on your own domain is your free admission into it. Simply signup for your free admission.

The Free Admission

Your startup is admission at Universal Free Homeschool of Internet Age, when you online register or transfer your domain for doing business worldwide with free software support at and your networth is result. Free software consistently evolves, investing many light-years long seamless cerebral strength of humanity making your startup a world-class entrepreneurship from the very beginning.

Everybody just cannot be an engineer but everybody can contribute substantially for engineering the internet. It is all about connectivity across humanity in mobility with portability that is fast changing this world. You may even reasonably hire a free software programmer independently from worldwide in not less than US$ 15 for an hour of dedicated attention for not more than hours enough to build your business online.

Enhancing this a bit more we made it simplest to own an all-inclusive fully serviced website on the domain of choice with dashboard access along with round-the-clock free software support. This is the simplest kind to start towards owning your part of internet. You may use it for your free press or business. It is charged for only the human attention. If you desire weekly solutions, you pay only US$ 50 a quarter. Likewise if you desire daily solutions, you have to pay US$ 500 a quarter. You may even opt for hourly solutions also by paying US$ 5000 a quarter. Payment can get made to via PayPal and problems could also get resolved by e-mailing to This starts within 24 hours of payment to via PayPal. Thus makes internet grow by distributing its overall value up to each individual while masses get saved from double trouble of messing up with server and code.

We invite the people of all countries to bring their business online along with massively activating a free press worldwide. Whenever individuals register domains with WordPress for availing domain-determined free admissions in this homeschool, women and minorities especially get empowered through all social environs, since this massively activates free press and domestic entrepreneurship around them by making the world local to their business. Whenever someone registers a domain with to start blogging about immediate environs, the public security gets globally enhanced and due to this behavior increasing in general for doing business online, public prosperity is also enhanced.

Right from the level of internet literacy SANGKRIT is the key to create wealth in faster lane since pursuing internet engineering is made here so fluid that neither it follows any fixed syllabus nor demands any training fees nor considers any prerequisites for making admission in to it, while education constantly results as accumulated virtual wealth that is universally valid and can easily be sold as advertising space for earning a recurring revenue.

Sangkrit, literally means all-inclusive execution. Here every destiny gets determined by specific usage of public utility. To make each destiny work better, a live education is online delivered on in fluid courses decoding dominant web-technologies like nowhere else.

Bringing your business online is the free education here.

The Free Education

Entrepreneurs actually build civilizations while everybody else struggles to survive just by getting placed somewhere within. You become an internet entrepreneur even before to become a programmer since from the very beginning here you own your domain. While doing business upon your domain, whatever necessity arises to know something is always satisfied by some fluid course duly made available online. Universally expanding Wi-Fi zones, accessing internet via android enabled mobile devices, doing business by using Bitcoins, developing genetically continued domestic entrepreneurships and massively activating WordPress for free press is fast changing the world. WordPress made by using PHP and MySQL under GPL is truly free press today and using it for freeing business brings costs drastically down facilitating world-class updates of website. Its user-friendly format helps you start doing business from day one itself within most happening shopping mall that is most rightly called world-wide-web.

Furthermore you find or develop a WordPress plugin or android application to customize or distribute your commercial framework. This is not intended mere to make you a webmaster or programmer but further enriches commonwealth of codebase helping out whole lot of humanity to advance ahead in by doing business worldwide.

What Aaron Swartz always longed for, is facilitated here through curiosity-driven fluid courses in live education to satisfy the sensibility of all individuals most naturally. Simply registering or transferring your domain here to create wealth in webspace is enough to begin with and so easily everything else comes along as live education updated lifelong that we have fully debureacratized the education of Internet age. Instead of following any strange syllabus of old world, you bring your actual business in internet world order by making that somehow interesting and useful for others to succeed. And your networth is the result.

The Free Evaluation

You must become successful and rich by following this program. It has been the course unless you have failed it. All the results are dynamically available as internet evaluation that anyone can anytime check by typing a domain in the box given.

Have a domain, use WordPress, integrate all social networks from within that to regularly keep on blogging about almost everything. This works wonderfully to consolidate any business online.

Hence internet growth engine incessantly makes more internet by distributing domains as private property, massively activates free press by hosting WordPress and seamlessly supports domestic entrepreneurship by making the world local to all business.

Thus has become most advanced education of internet engineering like no university can offer due to bureaucratic ways of functioning which are very much averse within internet age of evolution. You learn under guidance from masters of code, which is seamlessly opensourced live. Learning with them develops your mind-set for building a far secure future ultimately replacing client-server architecture of world-wide-web by implementing peer-to-peer architecture upon internet.

Indulging into this you may become one of the vanguard that might lead humanity beyond Internet Protocol by developing an Inter-Personal Protocol facilitating peer-to-peer functioning among all devices without centrally registering anything at all. That will finally downgrade god-like emergence of internet in to a more human thing.

Thus is primarily focused for changing this world by reinventing business, technology and media of internet age. Its continuously developing globally distributed order is making internet a much better abode of man and machine.

Innovation of TCP/IP extended APRANET of US State Department of Defense into Internet and the process that was destined to integrate humanity then become irreversible. Internet is proved so precious that no one is going to surrender its independence since for the first time civilized human got a chance to breath out of state-bound phase.

Whole emphasis of Internet’s staying open, free, fluid and live is not derived from any ideological influence but has been only available way to move on further than Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (APRANET). Mathematics of Science and Technology has that compulsion inbuilt within itself. Internet has finally reversed the flow of all possible intelligence forever.

The Final Word

Providence makes everybody play a game of civilization that begins by struggle of survival and wherever the participant settles down that becomes the place of getting social while free will still pursues something beyond that defined as personal. At every stage of this game of civilization the prestige or money is earned or expended. More often than not the prestige and money are convertible in to each other. Every civilization has its own level of literacy to let someone enter the game. Here we facilitate gaming for human civilization of internet age.

Simply register or transfer a domain to start-up your domestic entrepreneurship and continue learning and contributing forever.

See you online!