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Welcome to the program
of the freedom of everyone that anyone can enhance
by going through these 19 chapters


Sangkrit is a self-sustainable, vertically integrated and globally distributed program that works fully well for every individual human being on planet earth whenever anybody buys its worldwide exposure to make it work.

This works as collaborative measures comprised of only individual initiatives by helping people doing own things on own domains. Since corporate and sovereign interests usually amass the most of public money on planet Earth, so we do ask them to buy its worldwide exposure at internet growth engine every time for independently releasing a lot more individual initiatives of humanity as nothing else could ever prevent many more occupy movements and anonymous attacks from taking place.

It is more important to take care of massively enhancing a lot more individual initiatives, at the expense of the public funds amassed by corporate and sovereign interests, to compete with stagnating monopolistic situations rather than to let the governments regulate economy here and there. That is why we specifically invite the corporate and sovereign interests alike to buy it because every time this voluntary measure independently increases the capacity of this world for hosting humanity a lot more peacefully.

Sangkrit has opened up an internet-growth-based economy to humanity that is opening-up opportunities to every individual human being on planet earth for alternative education and employment while so many self-sustaining business cycles independently work worldwide. This is so rapidly taking over as upcoming fashion, making modern people befitting into internet age that ‘see you online’ has now become the new tagline of globalization.

Sangkrit, as neutral web space, allows all the entities to participate through this program and the system at globally responds if anytime anywhere anyone needs help. This has become an ongoing public rally upon world-wide-web across all time zones with continuously increasing global participation so endorsing anything appropriate to its ecosystem is possible for a price to meet out its ever-growing cost of growth.

The program starts by selling its worldwide exposure that is produced all the time upon world-wide-web.


The Internet Growth Engine by selling its worldwide exposure, facilitates for promoting just anything to support its Universal Free Home-school of Internet Age,

  1. which unceasingly facilitates fluid courses in live education to support each individual business online,
  2. while people across all time zones register or transfer their domains to startup as admission into it,
  3. accessing global markets with free software support for increasing individual net worth as result;
  4. making the whole world a lot better each time the internet is expanded by another domain as private property.

This already has become the most global program on planet Earth so sponsoring this is sure to earn you an overnight reputation worldwide.

Under the founder’s special sponsor package this offer includes,

  1. a footer credit-line as Powered by You
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  4. and no chance to competition because of its being a singularity.

Quote the consolidated weekly price of commercial cooperation to promote anything worldwide and send your bid amount via PayPal to as…

  1. not only your offer is accepted subject to get published only after all the higher offers get published
  2. but we would be returning all the value back to the sponsoring side within the purchased period
  3. as the most of it is duly reinvested in expanding the searchable knowledge index,
  4. providing the greatest possible leverage upon internet growth in addition.

Therefore globally sponsoring this is the best of possible position that money can buy on Internet. That also by doing all the best to this world, which works fully well for every individual human being on planet earth.


Sign-up for your free account and connect your bank account for doing business worldwide. You start-up as admission into universal free home school of internet age and your individual business online gets all the necessary support as fluid courses in live education, ultimately building your net worth as result, while you completely focus upon your domestic entrepreneurship.

Other than this you may purchase online attention of independent programmers from worldwide in hourly paid formats to get your website designed and developed into your world-class business and free press. Make your website online at or email to to get your fully managed website within your budget as any kind of recurring behavior upon your domain ultimately creates your wealth in web space.

Thus every time someone is benefited by this program, something gets automatically contributed into the global worth of for repeatedly selling its worldwide exposure. And every time the consolidated weekly price of commercial cooperation to promote anything worldwide is duly reinvested in expanding its searchable knowledge index along with consolidating the commonwealth of codebases.

This ceaselessly results in providing a lot more education for more employment across all the countries alike without even disintegrating any families since it is done without displacing any person so the program easily spreads everywhere to bring in a direct democracy of humanity as taught by Sangkrit Gurukul.

This is the way of organizing the internet world order without even making any organization, just by making sure that everyone owns his/her part of internet ascertaining independence of the whole of internet. It is being done mostly by selling the worldwide exposure of its internet growth engine for organizing online attention of independent programmers to help the freedom of humanity worldwide.

The freedom never comes free of cost. Your freedom could cost anything; isolation, imprisonment, exile or execution but it would never be costly enough to not have it. This program permits you to purchase your essential freedom as per internet age within your own budget.

Freedom of internet tools

Sangkrit-certified internet tools help everyone own domain and make website online at or e-mail to to get fully managed website made within own budget.

Freedom of online attention

Sangkrit-certified online attention helps everyone develop own website online as per individual aspirations by paying US$ 15 onwards hourly via PayPal to to Sangkrit-certified independent programmers as per individual requirements.

Freedom of worldwide exposure

Sangkrit-certified worldwide exposure helps everyone launch own website online with worldwide exposure at by bidding the weekly price for it via PayPal to

Whatever revenue is generated during the course of this program is duly redistributed as per the demands of innovation, promotion and taxation. It is our unique way to outreach up to everyone by ceaselessly expanding the internet industry.


Encryption is the new human right in a new kind of space called world-wide-web that is expanding every time a new kind of private property is registered as domain to occupy web space. This, as occupy web space, is the open challenge to everybody on planet earth.

Occupy web space is the most successful and greatest ever movement that is independently going on worldwide. It is integrating humanity by accelerating individual independence of internet age across all the time zones altogether, dismantling old world in the way that ultimately apartheid and slavery in all possible formats would nowhere be left on planet Earth.

While taking part in this movement, people occupy web space as their private property since internet is nothing more than private property of domain registrants. It is all about accumulating wealth in web space along with serving every other purpose as well.

Sangkrit is globally distributed program that can promote anything with worldwide exposure while people start-up online and build their net worth to make this their movement. The movement (as per the internet age) is too big to fail being an all-inclusive execution that literally means Sangkrit. Feel free to send your one-day-income via PayPal to to bring this on the payroll of humanity.

Online yours

System at


Send your one-day-income via PayPal to to bring Sangkrit on the payroll of humanity