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Get globally glorious: Open invitation to change the world

You are welcome to sponsor Sangkrit since Sangkrit gets powered by you as you enter this orientation program, where the participants cooperate in a natural order, diminishing all the coercion around them, and thus these very disciples empower their honorable system into a peaceful powerhouse and that is how your consistency of commitment also works ascertaining that as you persistently improve your precision to lead your patience into a perfectly peaceful life forever.

WHY YOU MUST READ THIS:- Sponsoring Sangkrit can facilitate upto one billion home-employments on planet earth amid ongoing pandemic times and beyond that as well resisting all recessions by enhancing universal public participation in domaining as most modern way of gaining and retaining wealth; making even the governments’ compete to bring in the centre of gravity of Internet within their sovereign domain via hosting the best of top level domains by developing domainers districts and facilitating for domainers’ dormitories as special economic zones; encouraging global investments into only domaining and discouraging investments otherwise.
HOW TO READ THIS:- Every point is just one whole sentence that is comprehensively distributed into a few bullets to make you understand everything clearly as said.


0. Sponsoring Sangkrit makes the women lead

  • by encouraging their children to become whizzkids
  • to help everyone startup as the people’s personal outlets,
  • to let everything happen upon the personal app of new humankind,
  • developing the next universe where every domain is personally owned.

Read the above as one independent sentence like this:-
Sponsoring Sangkrit makes the women lead by encouraging their children to become whizzkids to help everyone startup as the people’s personal outlets, to let everything happen upon the personal app of new humankind, developing the next universe where every domain is personally owned.
That is how you should read the following 14 points also to understand everything about sponsoring Sangkrit:-

Sponsoring Sangkrit promotes anything worldwide

1. Sponsoring Sangkrit facilitates for an instant global exposure to your domain or app

2. Sponsoring Sangkrit accelerates the universal free homeschool of internet age

  • that publishes fluid courses unceasingly in a live education as new posts at
  • encouraging a disrupt in established public behavior everywhere
  • so that aspiring entrepreneurs across all the countries alike register their ideas of doing differently into their domains at
  • as admission into it towards developing own business in the clouds with online support from
  • for increasing individual net worth as result
  • whereas internet grows with every new domain registered
  • and the civilization upgrades each time another startup succeeds.

3. Sponsoring Sangkrit makes any Internet startup easily begin

  • by registering an appropriate domain name
  • so that reinventing a particular human behaviour could innovatively get made possible on a dedicated server
  • to get monopolised by publicizing just that particular domain.

4. Sponsoring Sangkrit makes this work everywhere

  • as publicly available internet startup interface
  • technically equipped with fully functional seamless system as universal clouds at
  • with everything involved in a monthly/annual payment option
  • that makes to startup the easiest and to wind up even easier than that;
  • backed with per terminal basis hourly chargeable online support including programming power from
  • that mentors too from scratch without claiming any stakes
  • so that aspiring entrepreneur may fully focus upon own idea of doing business by disrupting old ways of doing things
  • without even troubling with any hardware, software or engineers.

5. Sponsoring Sangkrit makes Internet startup simply driven

  • by technologically reinventing a particular human behaviour on a dedicated server
  • for publicizing that by a domain name
  • so internet success simply upgrades that into an internet monopoly.

6. Sponsoring Sangkrit makes Internet success simple as that

  • that Internet monopolies must stick together to enforce a change
  • wherever this becomes necessary
  • to get rid of outdated obstacles of the old world.

7. Sponsoring Sangkrit is such an opportunity, open to all of them

8. Sponsoring Sangkrit homeschools internet users for home-employments

9. Sponsoring Sangkrit enhances human cooperation

  • in a globally distributed order of people’s personal outlets
  • capable of accomplishing everything
  • as human cooperation is the most powerful measure yet known
  • that can even set the most difficult situations back to normal.

10. Sponsoring Sangkrit encourages the most modern humankind for a pandemic-proof life-style

  • by practicing and promoting four fundamentals of
  • cleaning your private space,
  • cooking your vegetarian meals,
  • programming your world
  • and blogging your business;
  • making anyone’s induction actually begin.

11. Sponsoring Sangkrit adequately prepares everyone for staying home with necessary social distancing

  • as this makes many others also follow a similar routine comfort
  • not only through pandemic times but thereafter as well
  • ultimately leading humanity through this saviour system into the internet age.

12. Sponsoring Sangkrit conserves the local naturalness everywhere

13. Sponsoring Sangkrit consolidates everyone’s complete trust in a future

  • facilitating for each individual ambition & self-interest
  • by ending the chaos caused due to their conflicting courses independent of a symmetry
  • available only with an induction into the universe of Sangkrit
  • since people believe in Sangkrit as Sangkrit keeps their faith intact.

14. Sponsoring Sangkrit works best for sponsors

  • along with working fully well for every individual on planet earth
  • as sponsoring this self-evident program
  • delivers the best of possible global position
  • that money can buy on Internet
  • and that also by doing all the best to this world.

The knowledge transfer program of Sangkrit is made digitally available across all the countries in Hindi as “सब को शिक्षा! सब को काम!” at amazon.

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