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Sponsoring Sangkrit facilitates for instant global exposure. There is no other way to achieve that kind of a thing.

Revered and sponsored only by the rulers till recently, Sangkrit, the ancient most strategic knowledge family, is now opening up to the people as by publishing as a public interface to let every aspirant startup into the Internet industry.

Sponsoring Sangkrit to pitch in together for one billion enterprising home-employments around its portal across all countries alike, works best to promote anything worldwide.

In this regard, everyone is free to email an independent bid to by sending the bid amount to via PayPal.

Accordingly, the sponsoring domain name is to be placed in the footer of with a link back to the sponsor business, while the highest bidder is to be credited as our core sponsor.

Anyone may do so by registering or transferring a domain name at for hosting in a completely cloud infrastructure with online support, or even without doing that.

Sangkrit's entire purpose is elaborated in a Hindi book series called “सब को शिक्षा! सब को काम!”, which is available everywhere online at Amazon.

Internet Growth Engine at is the most global indeed so works best to promote anything worldwide.