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The Bitcoin Theory

The Free Fiscal Policy

Sangkrit insists that only permissible way to get taxed must come through a free fiscal policy worldwide that automatically taxes the users of any currency under an inflation mode on the basis of its total transaction volume.


The Free Fiscal Policy is a prerogative of internet age that would bring a paradigm shift in the routine of the political state. Thereafter transaction tax under such an inflation mode upon the usage of a particular currency shall put a full stop on unethically compelling the internet industry for bureaucratic submissions so no non-productive legal designs could ever deviate entrepreneurs’ attention from actual business.


This insistence is backed in real time by two time-tested programs, which unfailingly work as follows: -

Any failure in this would only speed up two other programs, which are independently spreading worldwide: -


Already when on Friday, October 31st in 2008 at 06:10 PM GMT, Satoshi Nakamoto proclaimed about publishing the Bitcoin Theory upon, that brought an end to the state monopoly over issuance of a currency. Soon the fiscal future of humanity got changed forever with the bitcoin program that was duly released on Saturday, January 3, 2009. Now the number of all independent currencies in circulation has become greater than the number of all sovereign currencies imposed.

The bitcoin program's globally distributed but integrated pattern of functioning has reaffirmed the possible restructuring of internet into a p2p mobility as it is conducting itself: -


Peer to peer functioning of bitcoin has most wonderfully brought in its block-chain-based public ledger for designing the future of public life. It is the unprecedented thing yet explored. Its usage in public life shall drastically be diminishing the failing roles of third party dependence through almost everything necessary as public records.

Pursuing free fiscal policy is against the extortion regime of old oppressive state but before to oppose any taxation, it is advisable to oppose all exemptions so that it might increase the constituency of opposition to all taxation.