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Sponsoring Sangkrit is an open position

Dear sponsors

The business of Sangkrit.net is made explicit at Sangkrit.org to make you understand everything necessary.

Other than that you need not meet anyone nor negotiate anything since you cannot ever deal or drive the things and even being suggestive may harm your otherwise protected interests.

The most revered Sangkrit is non-negotiable. No one is authorized to negotiate his authority, not even his System Administrator.

As per the functional algorithm of Sangkrit

  1. Respecting most paves the route to a few
  2. Believing best makes a successful bidding
  3. Sponsoring superbly activates the patronage
  4. Sponsors are selected considering the consistency and commitment
  5. The best bidder gets established above all as the core sponsor duly showcased in the ‘Powered by…’ tag on the homepage of Sangkrit.net
  6. Its being a singular opportunity blocks the way of all possible competition
  7. Accordingly everything improves with a global exposure
  8. You become free for improving upon your bid from time to time for improving your situation.

Sponsorships are accepted from those who duly behave as above without any other reason involved so that stands as a compulsive caution programmed to cause even a termination of sponsorship as per the functional algorithm of program.

Understanding all this is of utmost importance as things naturally go as per your consistency and commitment.

Happy sponsoring!

Online yours
System at SANGKRIT.net
The globally distributed order of internet growth engine